Chasing flowers

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It's rare to see such an informal man. Since the other party doesn't mind, what else does she have?

It's rare to see such an informal man. Since the other party doesn't mind, what else does she have? Ji Qiannian lifted nine Wei's trousers, although he had been psychologically prepared, but he could not help but gasp when he saw his ankle swollen like a fist. It's a pity that he couldn't hold back his tears. The little childe's personality is very hard. Squatting down, rolling up his sleeves, sprinkling some medicinal liquor on his palms, Ji Qiannian raised his feet on his knees and began to rub the swelling up and down. Tell me if it hurts. "Well.." There were no cries or screams of pain, but the pressure on his shoulders increased. Ji Qiannian did not go out of his way to see his expression and continued his work without raising his head. We need to disperse the congestion so that it can be cured quickly. The movement is getting heavier and faster, and her shoulder is getting more and more painful. Ji Qiannian smiled bitterly, one person was injured and two people were in pain. The young man did not "show mercy" to destroy her at all. She concentrated until the skin under her palm was red and hot, and then the pressure on her shoulder was relieved. It's all right to rest for a few days. Ji Qiannian put down the teenager's feet, and as soon as he looked up, Jiu Wei's head fell on her face. "Be careful!" After a pause, Ji Qiannian reached out to pick it up, and as a result,plastic pallet manufacturer, Jiu Wei's head fell on her shoulder, and her hand was around his waist. "You smell so good." The sleepy teenager rubbed and rubbed against her neck in a daze. Come on, she's not his pillow, can you stop rubbing on her. Remind yourself that the other person is only a minor child (she forgot that a man in the Kingdom of Heaven is an adult at the age of 14). Don't get angry and don't push him away. Be gentle. He is now a disabled person. Ji Qiannian slowly stood up, the young man's head slipped from her shoulder to her arms, as if he felt uncomfortable in this position,plastic pallet suppliers, and the young man opened his hands and hugged her waist. So warm, so sleepy. Let me lean on it for a while, just for a while. "You.." Ji Qiannian was very annoyed by the young man's intensified movements, but he had no choice but to let him hold him, and I felt that it was really tiring to stand like this, so I sat down on the bed. This sitting does not matter, the young whole person is squeezed into her bosom, the slightest gap does not leave. Ji Qiannian was silent and really didn't know what to say. The boy was holding her like a koala and couldn't move. The worst thing was that his belt had not been fastened before. It loosened when he pulled and pulled. His light coat fell down, exposing his white shoulders and half of his smooth back. The skin with pink color makes people ready to move. “……” Ji Qiannian stared at the teenager. She was not Huang Shenruo's goat, nor did she want to get her hands on the beautiful young man in her arms. She knew without thinking that Zuo Xiang's younger brother was not easy to touch. According to Zuo Xiang's sinister temperament, he was afraid of losing his life when he was in prison. But if you keep this kind of posture that people will misunderstand when they see it. If someone suddenly breaks in, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet manufacturer, it's really hard to tell. Hello The sound of thin breathing came from the bosom. Having seen the boy's sleeping skills, Ji decided to give up the idea of waking him up and help him put on his clothes before moving him to bed. After thinking about it, her hand took hold of his clothes-don't get me wrong, she didn't want to take off his clothes, she wanted to help him put them on. Wei! Ji's sentiment Ji Qiannian can not describe the mood at the moment, when even the pursuit of her did not make her change color, in the face of death is more calm, but-what is the scene now? A group of people burst in, and when she was about to dress the boy, the left prime minister took the lead, staring at her with deep and unpredictable eyes, as if she had done something wrong that could not be punished. She did not panic, the first thing to react is to quickly pull up the clothes of nine Wei to cover the bare skin, so as not to leak the spring. Zuo Xiang showed a rather satisfied look in his eyes. Unflappable and considerate, he is a person worthy of being entrusted for life. You all go down. "Yes." Lord Zuo Xiang waved back a bunch of idle people and paced in front of the table-there was no chair in the room, and Lord Zuo Xiang's sharp eyes narrowed. "Somebody, bring in a chair.". ” "Yes." Immediately, the house slave carried Zhang Taishi and put him in front of Zuo Xiang. "Close the door and no one is allowed to come in. Those who disobey the order will be punished with a hundred sticks." "Yes." He poured himself a cup of tea, and Zuo Xiang sat steadily on the armchair and looked at Ji Qiannian. The prime minister asked Lord Ji to go to the mansion to talk. Why did Lord Ji appear in the wing of the prime minister's younger brother? Lord Ji, please give me a reasonable explanation. Explain what? Left phase with a group of people broke in, obviously premeditated, if she really give a reason, maybe left phase will put a big hat on her head-die not guilty! In her opinion, what Zuo Xiang wants is not an explanation, but a direct admission. The younger brother of the original is not casually frivolous, if Ji adults can not say a convincing reason for the original-hum, don't blame the original ruthless. "I didn't do anything. Do you believe it?" "What do you say?" Believe it or not is one thing, but Zuo Xiang dug a big trap and waited for her to fall down. No wonder the prime minister's mansion was full of weirdness. It turned out that a dragnet had already been set up, just waiting for her fish to take the bait. Ji Qiannian sneered. Is Lord Zuoxiang relying on me? "All right." Zuo Xiang took a sip of tea and laughed. Ha ha, reluctant to give up the child can not get the wolf. Ji Qiannian, don't hate me for designing you. I only blame you for being too excellent. Even the emperor dotes on you. He intends to betroth his beloved thirteen princes to you. If I don't strike first, the lazy brother of me will have no chance. The process is not important, but the result is important. All the slaves in the house saw it in their eyes, and Lord Ji wanted to give the truth a satisfactory explanation. "How does Zuo Xiang want to solve this matter?" Ji Qiannian is not a fool, since he was caught'rape 'on the spot,ibc spill containment pallet, and there is a vote of'witnesses', it is impossible to excuse, the flickering figure at the door is to prevent her from escaping. The reason why the crafty left prime minister took so much pains is that.