The male God of the post-60s generation

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Lin Zhou is not a real five-year-old child, naturally can perceive his father's different attitude, in the village

Lin Zhou is not a real five-year-old child, naturally can perceive his father's different attitude, in the village he has never seen his father like this, know that there must be something, even so, is for his father, Lin Zhou will try to brush a good impression. I don't know how many times Lin Zhou did it in his previous life, because his parents were both high school teachers at that time, so everyone had high expectations for him. Every New Year's Day, whether grandparents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles would test him. Lin Zhou, who has rich experience, easily won the favor of old man Zhang. Lin Ping beside him was overjoyed. "Uncle Zhang, will you take care of this boy when I go to the meeting?" "All right, all right, you go." Zhang old man waved his hand to Lin Ping, then continued to coax Lin Zhou to speak, this boy is really cast his fate. Lin Ping pushed his bicycle and entered the gate of the county committee compound with a big smile, while Lin Zhou continued to chat with old man Zhang, talking about the grasshopper he caught yesterday and the scenery he met today. Grandpa Zhang,Flush valve price, when I came here, I passed a very wide street. There are many buildings beside it. What is that for? Lin Zhou sat on the small horse that old man Zhang had moved and asked with his face up. There are many buildings on both sides of the streets in the county town, only the main street in the city. Old man Zhang knew where Lin Zhou was asking. "That street, the buildings on that street are all selling things, such as eggs and clothes, which can be bought inside." "Well, is there the only place to sell things in such a big county?" As Lin Zhou spoke, he made a gesture with his hand,stainless steel squatting pan, indicating that the county town was really big. Old man Zhang did not suspect anything else. What does a child know? It's just curiosity. "Of course, it's not just selling things there." Old man Zhang answered with a smile that he also knew about the black market in the county town. Although it was more expensive than the state-owned shops, they didn't want food stamps. He also secretly bought eggs for his grandson from there. Where is that? Are they all buildings? I want to see it, too. Lin Zhou said cheerfully, just like a child who gets candy. Tell Grandpa Zhang what you want to see. Old man Zhang was used to teasing his little grandson, and he couldn't help teasing Lin Zhou, who was as big as his little grandson. Look at the building! Lin Zhou said in a loud voice that he was a little country boy who had never seen the world, and no one would have thought that he wanted to find out where the black market was and prepare for the great cause of eating meat when he grew up. There is no building there, but it is very far away, and it is almost on the edge of the county town. Old man Zhang said with a smile. Well, I won't go then. There are no buildings for shopping in our town. Lin Zhou deliberately made a depressed look and said, as if he was really sad that he could not see more buildings. All right, then don't go. When you go back with your father today, will you look at the buildings you've seen before? Old man Zhang soothed softly. Okay, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, I got it. Lin Zhou nodded obediently and said, looking very painful. Apart from his own grandson, old man Zhang has never been very fond of teasing other children. He is so fond of Lin Zhou, not only because he is about the same age as his grandson and looks smart, but more importantly, he is clean. You should know that life in the city is not easy these days. There are no adults in every family who are not busy working to earn money and rations. Children as big as Lin Zhou either have snot on their faces or their clothes are dirty and shiny. Like Lin Zhou, their faces and hands are white and clean. Although their clothes are patched, there are really not many clean and tidy children. Old man Zhang remembered that when Lin Ping came to the meeting in the past, the clothes he wore were very clean, and he looked much more energetic than the captains of other villages. He used to think that people were poor and fastidious, and it was the captain who was doing something special. Now, looking at his white third son, old man Zhang thought that it must be Lin Ping's daughter-in-law who loved to be clean. Otherwise, how could the father and son be so energetic. In fact, old man Zhang really thought too much. Lin Ping's daughter-in-law Wang Guifang had to go to the fields every day to earn work points. How could she have so much time to wash clothes? Lin Ping's clothes were washed by the big girl. There was no way to have a fastidious father. The big girl could only wash clothes for his father every three or five times. Lin Zhou's clothes were washed by himself. In his previous life, he had washed his own clothes since junior high school. Now, although he had shrunk into a small bean, it was no problem to wash a few small clothes. He could not let the big girl wash them. Even if he didn't help others, he would also increase the burden on others. However, because of the frequent washing of clothes, Lin Zhou was told several times by his mother, not only to wash clothes with honey locust, more importantly, the more times the clothes are washed, the easier it is to break. Although Lin Zhou wears small clothes for his eldest brother and second brother, most of them have been patched, but Wang Guifang also intends to let the fourth brother continue to wear them, but they can not be washed out. Chapter 5 Because of this matter, Lin Zhou is also famous in Dayun Village, we have never seen a boy who loves cleanliness more than a little girl, but also a five-year-old small bean, but everyone's ideas seem to go around to Lin Dad's side, think that Lin Zhou loves cleanliness so much is his father, who let the captain wear the same clothes as the city people every day. Knowing that the black market did exist, and that it was near the edge of the county seat, Lin Zhou stopped asking and turned to talk about other things. Anyway, the scope had narrowed down a lot. Even if he went on, Grandpa Zhang would not tell him the specific location, and maybe he would cause trouble for his father. By the time Lin Ping came out of the meeting, it was already noon. Lin Zhou, who had eaten some steamed bread in the morning, was already hungry. Although Grandpa Zhang seemed to be very kind to him, he was embarrassed to ask people for food. The food was so precious these days that many people who visited relatives and friends dared not eat more. Lin Zhou did not mention the matter of hungry stomach, and old man Zhang naturally would not rush to bring him food. So when Lin Ping came out, Lin Zhou looked at his eyes shining, so that Lin Ping thought his third son missed him, after all,Flush Retrofit Kit, when he was away from home, no matter how smart he was, he was just a child.