Seven-zero misplaced

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Besides, she had thought about it. If she didn't work hard when she was pregnant, what cost would she have when

Besides, she had thought about it. If she didn't work hard when she was pregnant, what cost would she have when the baby was born? Women, ah, can be more hypocritical when they are pregnant. Who do you usually show it to? Who would look at it! Ignoring the family war that might break out in the rest of the month, He Xiaohong stroked her stomach and put on a smiling face and went to the hall. On this day, Yuxiu and Zhenzhu were playing in the courtyard of the Miao family. Zhao Di naturally has to go to school, after all, it is not a rest day. As for Pandi, she began to do the housework that she had gradually become skilled in. Very not easy to meet Yuxiu does not go out, He Xiaohong is to let Yuxiu also do some work, but Zhen Zhu is not familiar with the rest of the Miao family, she only followed behind Yuxiu, step by step, but also pestered YuXiu to talk. He Xiaohong is still very rare Zhen Zhu this did not raise in her side of the daughter, in the end held back did not make trouble, but smiled with Zhen Zhu accosted. Zhen Zhu actually don't pay much attention to her, compared to He Xiaohong this completely unfamiliar aunt, Zhen Zhu obviously prefer small partner Yuxiu. Between laughing and joking, Zhen Zhu did not forget to eat, she went out with a small basket on her back, holding her duckling in her hand, and filled her pocket with a lot of delicious food. Peanut melon seeds, animal biscuits,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, boiled eggs, fruit candy, small cakes.. A mess of things to eat a lot of not to say, Zhen Zhu also out of curiosity to take candy with Pan Di for half of the steamed bread. Taste a mouthful, the small face is wrinkled together, but still strong to eat half of the steamed bread. Until the afternoon, Zhen Zhuofan came back from school to pick up Zhen Zhu, He Xiaohong also stood on the loess road outside the yard for a long time, until the little brother and sister walked out of sight,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, she reluctantly entered the yard. Because I didn't study or read today, Yuxiu's interest is not very high. It was not until her milk came back that she went up happily: "Milk!" Li Guifang was not very happy either. She used to look for Yuxiu as soon as she came home, but now she scanned the yard and said, "Where is the fat girl of the Zhen family?" "Zhuzhu went home and her brother came to pick her up." Yuxiu replied. Something happened to her mother. Does she know? Li Guifang asked again. This time, without waiting for Yuxiu to open her mouth, He Xiaohong hurriedly interrupted, "Something's wrong?"? What's going on? Didn't you say that her mother had gone to help the old people? "How do you know?" Li Guifang looked at her suspiciously, but soon let go of the problem, after all, this is not an important matter, "is to go to Zhen Lao everyone to work, accidentally fell.". In the middle of the afternoon, I heard that people could not stand up, so I borrowed a cart from the team and sent it to the clinic. "Why are you so careless?"? This educated youth is useless. He has fallen when he does some work. Who hasn't fallen yet? It's so precious that you can't get up after a fall? Useless things. He Xiaohong murmured, waiting for her to say for a while, only to find that her mother-in-law did not say anything, so she stared at her without saying a word. He Xiaohong's cold sweat is coming down: "That, Nail machine supplier ,Coil nail machine, that's not.." Mom, I'm just saying. It's not interesting. After a pause, He Xiaohong couldn't help asking, "What about Zhuzhu?"? Her mother fell down. Who will take care of her? Tell her brother not to go to school! Li Guifang continued to stare at her until her scalp tightened and her heart trembled: "What's the matter with you?"? It's not like there's no one in the Zhen family. Won't they take care of it? You need to talk too much! He Xiaohong finally shut up, even if the heart is still holding a lot of words, she did not dare to speak again. However, she still secretly made up her mind to go back and wait for her body to be more comfortable and go to Zhen's house to have a look at Zhuzhu. Her bead bead, ah, is to go to the Zhen family to enjoy a happy life, not to suffer. At this stall, Li Guifang also said to Yuxiu, "You can go to Zhen's house tomorrow morning to see what's going on. If they are too busy, you can go home and stay.". Do you remember? We can't make trouble for people. Yuxiu nodded obediently, still a little worried in her heart, worried that the aunt who spoke kindly would not have an accident. To say that the accident is not entirely true, Zhou Ping was injured, she broke her leg. Fortunately, she is not very old, plus sent to the hospital in time, in the words of the doctor, take good care of it, hurt muscles and bones for a hundred days, as long as well raised, the hope of recovery is still great. This, on the other hand, means that if you don't raise it well, you may still be lame. Zhou Ping lay in the room and sighed. She blamed herself for being too careless and falling in the wrong place. What is more troublesome is that Zhen Xinghua just went out in the morning and will not be back until at least a month later. Now, what can we do with this mess at home. She has money in her hand. Besides, it's not expensive to see a doctor these days. The point is not the medical expenses, but the need for time to take care of them. Of course, the best is to add some nutrition, such as bone soup can be prepared, what is missing to make up for it. No matter how bad it is, brown sugar is also very tonic. These things are not difficult to get, the most distressing thing for Zhou Ping is the family, more precisely, the little girl Zhen Zhu. My son is not a big problem. He has to go to school during the day, and he doesn't have to worry about taking a day off occasionally. But the daughter is still young, from the moment she was sent home by the cart, Zhen Zhu cried into tears. Zhen Zhu is too small, she simply does not know why her mother will be pushed back, do not know why her mother suddenly can not move, she was scared to cry, how to coax can not coax, even the favorite fruit candy on weekdays can not be coaxed back. So, on the second day after Zhou Ping was injured, the old lady of the Zhen family moved in leisurely. In the third production team of the Red Sun Commune, there are two most famous old ladies, one is Aunt Miao Li Guifang, and the other is Aunt Zhen Zhou Chunhua. Contrary to Li Guifang, Aunt Zhen has always been known for her good fortune and good temper. Her parents are still alive today, and they are all very old. Her brothers, sons and nephews are also very promising. Marrying a man is also a capable man. Three sons are more capable than one. Three daughters-in-law are also filial, not to mention that each daughter-in-law has given birth to her grandchildren. So far,Nail machine manufacturer, she has four grandchildren, and her eldest daughter-in-law is pregnant. Oh, and she has a little granddaughter.