Love is the most luxurious thing.-Old Version

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Pan Shu was leaning in a cane chair on the terrace of the second floor of the inn where she lived,

Pan Shu was leaning in a cane chair on the terrace of the second floor of the inn where she lived, with her eyes closed, listening to what was meant by chatter. There was a big white canvas umbrella on the terrace, and nasturtiums hung on the railings of the terrace, with golden flowers blooming one after another. The round leaves are like Xiao Zhang's lotus leaves. Pan Shu loved this place, sleeping in the guest room at night and on the terrace during the day. Occasionally, I opened my eyes to see the blue sky and white clouds, and the top of the snow mountain in the distance. So satisfied that I just want to hum. What does it mean that after only two days like this, you are bored and say, "Don't sleep all day, go out and play.". I have asked the proprietress, she said that there is a Baishui River in Haisongzanlin Temple in Heilongtanla City nearby. Would you like to see Yulong Snow Mountain? Ah? And Tiger Leaping Gorge. You are so boring. What else do you like besides sleeping? If I had known you were like this, I wouldn't have married you. Pan Shu listened without a word, and then replied, "We're not married.". If you want to go, go by yourself. I came here to sleep and bask in the sun. When I don't want to sleep, I will go out to play. What do you mean by pushing her? "When you've had enough sleep?"? I didn't know you had enough sleep. When you get enough sleep, my company will collapse. I can't eat and sleep all day like you, like a pig. I can only stay here for three days, and I must go back on the ninth day. On the tenth day of the first lunar month, my staff began to work, and I had to be there. Listen, listen. I'm already calling me a pig. "When are you going back?" What do you mean you can't do anything about her? I'm not going back. When I get enough sleep,secondary containment pallet, I'll get a job, working at the cashier in the restaurant, serving coffee in the bar, and just muddle along. My savings are enough for me to live here for ten years. Otherwise, I will use the room money to buy an inn and run it myself, and I will live in vain without spending money. Why don't you invest money and I help you run it? This is a good deal. If you buy a villa here, you can stay here for a few days when you are free. I will accompany you to sleep at night. You are in the same class as Kangxi and Qianlong. This is your Chengde Summer Resort. I am one of your three palaces and six courtyards. Pan Shu thought it was funny that he had come here to avoid him. Who would have thought that this man had the audacity to stay in a suite for two, with a six-foot-wide bed, snow-white sheets,collapsible bulk containers, rose-red carpets, peach curtains, and white feather pendants hanging from the roof. It was more like a new house than any other room, and even if she decorated the new house herself, it would not be so beautiful. And when he asked for the room, he also said that we were on our honeymoon and how my wife was. Pan Shu felt that he was really shameless, and at the same time he felt shameless. Sleeping in a bed six feet wide at night, one or two feet wider than her bed than any bed, two people in bed, even three rolls will not fall to the ground. Extremely shameless. What is particularly shameless is that she eats the marrow and knows the taste, and enjoys it very much. But during the day, she was depressed again and could not lift any spirit. On the one hand, she hoped to leave quickly so that she could think about their enmity, on the other hand, she was reluctant to let him go. If he leaves, how can she sleep alone in the six-foot bed? "How can there be a woman like you?" He scolded. Got up and left. Pan Shu wanted to cry. How can there be a woman like her? Knowing that he should forgive him, ibc spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, marry him, have children, cling to him, keep him close, and do not give him any chance to move on. But she just couldn't let go. When she remembered what had happened that afternoon, she was afraid, hated and resentful. What does it mean to treat this matter as opium? If you have nothing to do, you can turn it out and savor it, which is sweet and sad. It was his spiritual food, and he lived on it for fifteen years. But Pan Shu was different. It was a real nightmare for her. All through high school, she was scared to death. He was afraid that he would accidentally meet him on the road, that he was afraid to see tall men, that he was afraid to see single men, and that he was even more afraid to see a group of young men together. Later, she forgot He Weiguo and that afternoon, but she was still afraid of being in the same room with young men. She instinctively avoided them. Zhang Yan could become her boyfriend because of his unscheming smile and silly courage. He's not very smart, he's not very smart, he doesn't understand people very well, he's a little single-minded. So he was oblivious to her coldness and her estrangement, and he was only interested in her. Help her to occupy a seat, eat for her, without any rash action, do not hug her, do not kiss her, do not give her pressure, two people in the process of getting along without any impulse and lust. Now that I think of it, the situation between them is more like friends than lovers. But at that time, I was young and had never tasted the taste of lust. I thought that falling in love was like this. It's just a talk. Which day is it not a talk? Talk about homework, classmates, future, ball games, plays, rehearsals. There are so many things to talk about, but they never talk about love or desire. Pan Shu suddenly understood that she and Zhang Ling had misunderstood, misunderstood good feelings as love, and misunderstood friends as lovers. Zhang Ling did not lose her, but met a woman who made him wake up and made him a real man. That Susan was his first love, his lover, because she made him understand the reality of love. If a pair of lovers don't even want to hug and kiss, they are not really lovers. Pan Shu himself tasted the taste of love, only to know that when they were together, the situation was so ignorant and simple. And Zhang Ling and Susan can be together for so many years, in which the love can be imagined to be very deep. Susan。 Pan Shu recalled her appearance in her mind. She was a beautiful foreign girl with white skin, blonde hair, large breasts and slender waist. She not only followed Zhang Ling back to Shanghai, but also accompanied him to worship his old lover's aunt, and smiled to meet his old lover. She said generously, "Pan?"? Hello, this is Su. She knew who Pan was, but she still came to see her with no ostentatious expression, only friendly and generous. She also felt that she and Zhang Ling were sorry for Pan, so she did this to her. These two people,drum spill pallet, one is honest and honest, the other is gentle and lovely, they are the real couple.